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What is the process of hiring the Hybrid Group?

Simple, you may choose to complete the online questionnaire so that we have a sense of what your meeting, association or convention planning needs are, or simply contact us at or at 312.574.3755

What is the cost of procuring the Hybrid Group?

This is usually formulated based on the services retained. The Hybrid Group suppliers are committed to a “no markup” model for our clients. In addition, we maintain project management rates far below our top competitors in the marketplace.

How does the Hybrid Group get compensated?

Compensation is determined by forecasted and pre-determined project hours. Depending on the service, suppliers may also compensate the Hybrid Group. To maintain the lowest possible cost to our clients, our suppliers adhere to “no markup clauses”.

Where is the Hybrid Group Located?

Our headquarters is strategically based in Chicago, IL. We are currently expanding our talent and gaining regional associates throughout North America.

Is my business too small or too large to partner with the Hybrid Group?

No. The Hybrid Group takes pride in producing functions as small as a 20 attendee Board of Directors Meeting to a 30,000+ city-wide convention. Each is equally important to our team.

What happens if my event has to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances?

The Hybrid Group will always recommend the most effective risk mitigation strategies and resources and negotiate the lowest possible level exposure for our clients that is available. In the event of cancellation, the Hybrid Group will execute all protection terms on behalf of our client and work diligently to partner with our suppliers to lessen risk and liability for our clients.

Do I get to pick the team members who will work on my account?

When flexibility allows, we do invite our clients to interview our individual teammates to ensure the best fit and synergy amongst the team.

Does the Hybrid Group provide comprehensive proposals, cost projections and financial backup?

Yes. As a standard, we provide all of these tools and resources.

At what point should I discuss my potential/future needs with the Hybrid Group?

There is never a “bad” time to discuss your needs. We encourage our clients to engage us in conversation at the earliest possible stages so that we may assist with the overall strategic plan. The earlier we partner with our clients, the better the business partner we can be for our clients.

Can I pay my bill with a corporate Visa, MasterCard or American Express card and retain my purchase points?

Yes, however centralized billing fees may apply.